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About TAPP Your Music


Using  TAPP Your Music, YOU, the audience, can cast a vote for your favorite songs & artists at the Heyhoef Backstage event in Tilburg, Netherlands.

On April 15th you have influence which song the artist/band will play during a live concert!

With our app, TAPP Your Music, you can participate in the artists performance by using your smartphone in an interactive way.

Download TAPP Your Music, and by confirming your registration you will get free votes at the Heyhoef Backstage Event.

For more information:

Follow us on Twitter: @tappyourmusic

“Like” us on Facebook:

After downloading the app, there are just two steps to start:

1. Register: using email address and password. You receive a confirmation email. Registration is free.

2. Start the app: login using email and password

TAPP Your Music' can be usedat the Heyhoef Backstage Event in Tilburg. With the app 'TAPP Your Music' you can influence which songs are played!

The Artist himself decides what songs the audience can vote for, to play as an encore or even to put the set list together way in advance. Download the app and use eventcode, HB1504

         Why should artists use TAPP Your Music?

  • Generate more income: for each vote casted during or prior to a gig the performing artist receives a fee
  • Get to know your fans favorite songs. Audience can vote in advance, even days prior to the gig
  • Collect data about your fans: name, email address, song (s) voted for, venue and so on...
  • In order to get a FREE app, you need to follow us on Twitter or Instagram.
  • The only thing you need, is a Twitter- Facebook- or Instagram account. No credit card needed.
  • The app is now available for Android, the iOS version will be available on short notice

         FREE with #paywithatweet:

  • Your tweet must contain at least 3 items: #paywithatweet, @tappyourmusic and the number of your purchase (f.e. A1 for App 1)
  • Did you follow the steps, but you haven't received a product yet? Please keep in mind that our team is working very hard to help all customers, we aim to deliver your product in 24 hours.
  • Please note, if you purchase during weekends, delivery can be delayed.
  • Make sure to keep following us on social media; we will post frequent updates about new products in our pop up store.
  • Want to have your own digital pop up store? Please email or follow @Kwettr
  • Privacy statement: